AAIN CEO Dr Alex Ariho to receive continental leadership award at the 7th Africa Leadership Awards

Every year for the past six years, the Africa Leadership Awards ceremony has highlighted outstanding personalities and organisations that have made remarkable progress in the sectors of Banking, Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, Oil and Gas, Mining, Insurance Market, Travel and Tourism, Business Process Outsourcing, Information Technology, Agriculture, Manufacturing and Services Sector among others.

The ceremony put together by the World CSR Day and the Stars of the Industry Group will this year feature an award for Dr Alex Ariho, the Chief Executive Officer of the African Agribusiness Incubators Network (AAIN).

According to a release from the organisers, Dr Ariho was nominated and selected to receive the honorary Green Future Leadership Award which is awarded to “Outstanding professionals who have the vision, flair, acumen and professionalism to demonstrate excellent Leadership and Management skills in an organisation, making changes and achieving results.”

Above: Dr Alex Ariho addressing delegates convened by the World Bank in the United States earlier in the year.

Dr Ariho will receive this accolade of excellence at the 7th Edition of the awards to be held at the Le Meridien in on the 6th of December with an expected attendance of 150 Senior Leaders and decision makers from across the world.

A Landmark for agribusiness incubation as a job-creating mechanism

According to the panel, this award is accorded after an intensely researched process undertaken by the research cell which consists of Post Graduates in History & Management with over 5 years research experience posts their studies. It is the iconic job of the research cell to produce a shortlist of Individuals who are doing extraordinary work and track the record of their achievements.

This award comes as AAIN and partners are setting the kick-start of the 2018-2023 Africa Agribusiness Incubation Programme (AAIP) and highlight of progress for incubation in Africa as hinted by AAIN experts.

“We congratulate the CEO upon this high-level achievement. As you can see this is a leadership award. Leaders cannot be minus the led. This award is therefore ours–those he leads— and we are proud of him for moving the agenda of agribusiness incubation forward.” –Prof. Henry Bwisa, AAIN Board Chairperson.

“This a major achievement that highlights the fruits of a journey that began about 18 years ago with the establishment of Excel Hort Consult Ltd, an agribusiness company in Uganda, UniBRAIN in 2010, co-founding of major agricultural sector organisations and now the focus on establishing 2 new agribusiness incubators in each one of the 55 member states of the African Union.”-Prof. George Tumwesigye, Secretary to the AAIN Board of Governors.

According to Dr Ariho, the award is more than a highlight of his role but the joint input of the AAIN team of experts and partners who have elevated agribusiness incubation to a level that is churning out SMEs that create jobs and wealth.

In addition to a series of awards for outstanding leaders in then other listed sectors of the African economy, the award ceremony will showcase achievers and leaders who have demonstrated leadership capabilities in creating business opportunities by which growth and development has occurred.